Tuesday, March 3, 2009

IPL Laser Photo: Day 1

I have recently returned from the dermatologist's office for my last laser treatment on my face. It was a series of five IPL (intense pulse light) treatments and with each session the intensity was increased. Since this was my last session the laser potency was the most its ever been. Tomorrow I will swell pretty bad and I will look like I ran into a wall at full speed....lovely *lol*. At least this time I'll be expecting the swelling to be bad. The last time I had a treatment I did not expect the swelling to be as significant as it was and when I woke up in the morning and looked into the mirror I was frightened. I didn't recognize myself. So, in preparation of what is to come tomorrow morning, I made sure to shop for groceries and complete any errands and my freezer is stocked with ice packs and gel eye patches.  I'll be housebound for the next 3-4 days except for when I take my little munchkins to preschool. I'll pretend I'm a posh mom and leave my large sunglasses on and wear a Kangol cap. I'm looking forward to the microdermabrasion in 10 days because that's when the new, smooth and glowing skin underneath is revealed.

I took a picture of my face for the sake of being forthcoming. Don't ask me why because this picture shows me sans makeup and the sun damage and the melasma which is brought out by the IPL treatments. These brown patches will get darker as the week progresses.  I find that no amount of makeup can cover this so, why bother putting any on.  The skin sheds and flakes off in about 10 days and new skin appears without any marks or brown spots or less of it, anyway.  I must be insane to do this, I didn't even pencil in my eyebrows!.... who says I'm not courageous.

On another note I bought a new eye cream today and I received a package in the mail with some goodies that I ordered. Can't wait to try them out.

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beautiful :) and juicy lips :D

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