Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mac Cosmetics Sale: Estee Lauder Employee Sale

Once every three to four months Estee Lauder and its umbrella companies which includes Mac, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Prescriptives, Origins and more I'm sure, have an employee sale that takes place on a Friday and lasts until Sunday.  There is a $1000.00 purchase limit per person and you cannot buy more than four of the same item per person.  The venue is on a huge farm property which is called a Fairground and they have many events there, including livestock fairs, etc.  The building had three large warehouse rooms and each room held so many discontinued and limited edition and current products it was indescribable.  They had a lot of buy three get one free for compacts, blushes, eye palettes, concealers, cleansers, makeup bags, including Mac's Fafi collection of bags.  Basically, you name it they had it.  They also had about 30 bins of small travel size items which they probably include in gift with purchase for $3.00 per item.  They amount of perfumes and brands that were for sale was incredible.

This was my fourth time going so I knew to get there early and on a Friday.  I wouldn't be caught dead there on the weekend because it would be like lining up for a Madonna concert.  On the weekend the lineup goes out and around the building!  For me, no amount of discount is worth waiting over two hours to get in. You can almost smell the growing impatience and animosity that is in the air.  I simple don't do lineups.  Anyway, I went yesterday and doors opened at 10am and I arrived at 9:50 and already there was a lineup of about two hundred people ahead of me and I was okay with that because once the doors open and they punch your ticket the lineup moves fast.  I got in at 10:30.  I decided to take my mom with me but, that's another story in itself.  I usually go by  myself or another mac girl and we don't dilly dally we just go to it and get out.  We bring hand sanitizer and tissue and a bottle of water, small purse that you wear crisscross and cloth bag so it helps to hold the products as you go from station to station.

Since I had been there before I knew what I didn't want and what I needed for my kit. When you go to these sales for the first time you want to buy everything and I can't even bring myself to tell you just how much I spent the first time I went because I'm embarrassed.  This time I brought cash with me and I allowed myself a $60.00 over budget credit card surplus.  And yes, of course I used up the surplus! lol. 

There were so many people that I socialize with online that I wished I could have taken that would have gone nuts in there, I wanted them to experience this because its fun and almost like you died and went to makeup heaven.  Because I had an extra ticket that I didn't want to go to waste I asked my mother who is a lovely, wonderful mom but she doesn't get my passion... correction, my obsession with makeup.  My mother is always the voice of reason whispering, 'don't you have that already?' or 'do you really need that', or 'you're renovating your kitchen, does Daniel know you're here?'  I wanted to yell at her (please excuse the swearing).... shut up! why the fuck do you think we came here?!! we came to buy makeup!' But of course, I just nicely but firmly told her she was killing my buzz and to go look at something else.  My mother only bought TWO items.  We're not that far apart in age and we act like sisters sometimes.  Enough said.

The people I wanted to come with me that are my online makeup buddies you know who you are.  I would have done anything so that you could have come with me.  I kept thinking to myself this person would love this blush and that person would die for this lipstick. It was crazy and fun and I'm looking forward to the next one sometime this summer.  I need to buy some more storage, yikes!


lizz said...

Oh dear god how did u get out without selling your mother and taking the lot lol
My mum is so the same when i go shopping with her, ''are you sure you want that? its similar to what u already have, will you really use another bag"" makes u wanna swear for sure lol
ooh is that a kabuki at the back? im on the lookout for the flat topped 183 dont think you can get them anymore. Do you use the fix+ spray and if so what for lol
your so lucky and i love that new bracelet you have :)

LoveLipstickandLime said...

God bless that woman but she can take the joy out of makeup shopping like you wouldn't believe. She only bought two things, TWO THINGS! in the entire 3 roomed warehouse. That's just not normal. Thanks for liking my new bracelet.

Sarah Bella said...

HOLY MOLY...that's some haul!! Looks like you got soooo many amazing things. You look beautiful in your new pictures, btw!:)

LoveLipstickandLime said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for the compliment, back at you sweetie! Your lashes look amazing, I'm jealous. Actually this is a smaller haul, I've had bigger ones. In the next 3 months I go again without my mother!

..::MAYRA::... said...

I just foung ur blog ur hilarious with ur mom me and my mom are the exact same way..Shes always dont you have that color..Do u really need another purse blah bla blah lol looks like you got some great stuff

LoveLipstickandLime said...
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LoveLipstickandLime said...

Hahaha! Mayraam, then u understand where I'm coming from with my mom. They just can't help themselves and they have to say something even when they know its going to cause friction. Thanks for joining sweetie!

♥lipgloss86 said...

i defo need to go to one of these!!!

LoveLipstickandLime said...

Yes you should, it literally is like makeup heaven. You need to catch your breath, especially if its your first time there. Its overwhelming.

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