Sunday, March 8, 2009

IPL Laser -Day 4 Post Laser:A little more presentable

This is my fourth day post laser and my face is getting better. I used the usual one pump foundation and blush, and a touch of concealer. The brown spots on my forehead and chin, cheek are still noticeable, but they are fading. 
Off to meet my sister! YAY! Hope I can keep my spending under control, when I'm with her we feed off of each other and we get ourselves all in a dither and the next thing you know......well, you know what happens, you try making a graceful entry into your place and up to your bedroom and quickly into your closet hoping no one will notice the 10 shopping bags under your arm.  Life can be stressful sometimes. LOL!

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Anonymous said...

love your blog!
oh and i saw a commnent on av's blog, aboutyou wanting to do a swap, i'll swpa with you if you want, i live in england!!
let me know, visit my blog if you want or email me, emailing may be

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