Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Breil Watch: New Purchase from ebay

I have always had an attraction to men's wrist watches and I've had my eye on this brand for a while now.  One evening a couple of weeks ago I was browsing ebay and I happen to see this Breil watch and the bidding was down to the last hour.  I was patient and placed one bid at the last moment and I won!!! yay.  I remember seeing Breil for the first time several years ago on one of my trips to Italy and I liked this brand of watches immediately.  These tickers are sturdy and sleek and oh so european.  The price range typically starts from €150 to €700.  I won this watch for considerably less in CDN $. 

I was smug and proud of myself for winning the auction since I hardly bid for anything because I just use the 'buy now' feature instead.  A few minutes later the high of winning wore off just a tad because I remembered that I promised myself no more purchases for the rest of this month. I'm such a failure...lol!!  C'est la vie.  I took it to a jewelers and had three links removed.  I will be admiring my wrist for the rest of this month, I'm sure.


lizz said...

i adore it!
I have had a breil watch for a couple of years


I could have so many watches there are so many kinds I love - Day to day I wear my Dkny watch my man got me for xmas


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your winning bid! I enjoy wearing men watches too. My father has a nice collection and gave me a Tag Heuer my senior year in college. Men watches are so durable. I never have to worry about getting it wet, etc. while wearing it. Enjoy your new watch!

LoveLipstickandLime said...

Thank you aestheticcoo, I am loving my watch and congrats on your Tag Heuer those are really nice watches. You are right about not having to be too careful with men's watches, they aren't as delicate and I do prefer a sturdier watch.....Thanks for subbing, Nadia

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