Sunday, December 20, 2009

Earrings I'm Loving and Look of the Day

Today was a lazy day, no kids, no hubby. Going out shopping with my friend and I wanted to wear my go to earring lately. My angel wings I got during my trip to the UK while visiting my beautiful, yummy, funny adorable friend Liz. Hope you are all having a good Sunday.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mini Bourgois Blush: A Little Gem!

While I was devouring the aisles in Boots when I was in the UK I came across Bourjois' Mini blushes. I love these things. they come in several shades. I chose 07 and 08. They're tiny, cute and very versatile. The packaging is adorable. I use it as a cream blush and a lipstick. Its a little on the dry side so I would recommend applying it after your cheeks are well moisturized. You can use your fingertips and it blends fairly well or you can use a synthetic foundation brush or a more dense face brush, for example, MAC 109 and you get a more sheer application.

On the lips the color is a touch on the frosty side but your lips get just the right amount of pop for that kissable lip look. In the pics below I'm wearing number 07 on my cheeks and my lips. I've chosen to pair it with a clear gloss to add some dimension and make my lips look a little more full. I skipped the lipliner. What a great little item to carry around in your pocket or add inside a Christmas card. For my fellow Canadians, this little gem is the size of toonie!

Unfortunately, this time my camera and lighting were not the greatest and the pigmentation is not really captured in the pictures.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm Back From My UK Trip!!


I've returned from London and I had a wonderful time. The six days went by at lightening speed but I managed to spent some quality time with my friend Liz (lizzclare) and we did some serious shopping. Liz and I acted as if we'd known each other for ages, what a great gal!! For now, I'm posting one of the items I had to have the moment I laid eyes on them. The weather in Northampton wasn't the greatest, damp, windy with a slight chill, but that's not the reason why I made the trip. When I returned home the weather wasn't any better.

I've included a look of the moment which I've been sporting lately. I'm wearing a double-breasted trench from Zara and a wool beret which I've had for ages. These gorgeous boots are Bronx and were purchased from TK Maxx in Northampton. The brand Bronx is found in Toronto in higher end shoe stores and I've only ever seen them at one of my favourite stores Trove and occassionally at Winners. Even with the currency exchange they were less expensive than if I were to have purchased them in my area.

I will continue with this post very soon. Thank you all for your lovely comments, tweets and emails that Liz and I received during my visit to the UK.

Thanks for stopping by. xxNadia

Saturday, November 7, 2009

London Calling!

Just a quick note to say that I'm excited about going to London next week. I'll be gone for a week and when I get back I'll post a blog sharing all the wonderful details and the goodies that I'm hoping to bring back. My first stop is to visit the lovely and oh so clever fellow blogger, motorcross mamma and youtuber Lizzclare!!! I'm going to the english countryside....woohoo! Also, if all is okay with Anna's dog Albi then I'm hoping to visit with the one and only The Style Diet creator, Anna Saccone in London. Oh, and lets not forget her forever faithful and uber charming boyfriend Jonathan Joly, the 3D Animation dude.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jumping Into Fall: Lise Watier Teint Lift Foundation and Blush Review

Every so many months I start itching to try a new foundation. I don't always give in to that urge but, since I have made good use of my Chanel ProLumiere Foundation I decided to use my Shoppers Optimum Points which are rewards points offered by our large chain of drugstores in Ontario called Shoppers Drug Mart and buy a new foundation.

I've been eyeing the Canadian company Lise Watier for a while and decided to test their Teinte Lift Anti-Rides Spf 20 foundation. I have already repurchased Lise Watier's Portfolio Professional Concealer/Corrector in both color wheels and their eyebrow powder because I use them often in my freelance makeup work. The texture, the shades, the payoff and the buildable coverage are amazing. By the way, the dark corrector wheel has some of the best shades for concealing imperfections on dark skin tones.

I purchased the foundation in 'Neutre' shade and used one and a half pumps of product to apply onto my face and I found it was enough coverage. I also purchased the Lise Watier Blush-On Powder in Natural Glow. The blush is beautiful and it really does give you a natural peachy-pinky glow, not too shimmery and not too oily looking. Plus, its packaging is great and it has an ample fan brush underneath the blush compartment. I already knew that Lise Watier made good makeup, its quality is above average and it has not been given the credit its due. I must say I'm happy with my purchase. As my skin will change over the next few months we'll see if this foundation can keep up with my skin's needs this winter which can become dehydrated and ruddy at times.

Before I mention the other items I used to create this fall daytime smokey eye and neutral lips look I wanted to mention, I LOVE FALL!!!! Its all about the gorgeous, deep colors, the harvest holidays and the never tiring and comforting smell of pumpkin pie, free Wi-Fi and outdoor cafes, farmer's markets and drinking really good, robust red wine, and dinner parties, ooh la la! Also, all the amazing berets, toques and hats that I love to rock out. Its my favorite season. I may be genetically 100% Italian, but I'm Canadian born and bred and with our wacky, humid summers I welcome the bright and chilly days.

OKAY, back to what's on my face and nails:

Eyes: MAC Painterly Paint Pot allover lid and brow bone, Twinks eyeshadow allover lid, Kid e/s in my crease, Vex e/s inner eye corner and Brule e/s on my brow bone. I've lined between my lashes, top and bottom with PowerPoint Eye Pencil in Stubborn Brown and then smudged and used again in the waterline. Eyebrows are more defined in MAC's Lingering Eyebrown Pencil and then set with a bit of Lise Watier's Eyebrow Powder in Dark Brown. Mascara is Maybelline Stylist at the base of my lashes and L'Oreal Telescopic, for the length, both in Black.

Face: Lise Watier Teint Lift Spf 20 in Neutre, Kid eyeshadow as cotour for cheekbones and then Lise Watier Blush-On Powder in Natural Glow on the apples of my cheeks. For highlighter on top of my cheeks I used a hint of MAC's eyeshadow in Claire de Lune (ltd edition).

Lips: Cupids bow topped with Vex Eyeshadow and a touch on my lower lip and I slighty lined the bottom of my lip with Lingering Eyebrow Pencil. Gloss is Revlon Super Lusturous in the shade Nude Lustre, lately this is my to to gloss thanks to Yorkieluvs

Nails: MAC's Nail Lacquer in Vintage Vamp (a must have color)

For those of you who follow my blog and notice every detail on posted pics like I do.....yes, I did chop off a good chunk of my hair. It was getting drab and too long. When I wear it straight its about 2 inches longer, so I get the best of both worlds. I feel sexy again.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Fall!! xxNadia

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cover FX Review

CoverFX has been around for about twenty years. It was first used in the Dermatology department at Sunnybrooke Health Sciences Centre in Toronto. For many burn victims and patients who had issues with vitiligo, rosacea and the like, CoverFx Foundation for the face and body was a godsend.

I was first introduced to CoverFX six years ago when I was having trouble over the winter months with bouts of rosacea on my cheeks. The product that was available was the super, high coverage foundation in a pan. The coverage was extremely dense that it could cover tattoos, scars and hyperpigmentation in a blink of an eye. The downfall for me was that it looked like I had a mask on my face because it was too much coverage. Instead, I used the CoverFx as a concealer and spot coverage rather than a foundation. Later on, I started experimenting with the product and found that if I scooped out the tiniest amount with my spatula and put it on the back of my hand or metal palette I could sheer out the foundation by adding mediums like MAC's Fix+ , Rosewater, or CoverFx's Brightening Foundation Primer SPF50, which by the way, is a brilliant product, or by simply adding my favorite moisturizer and dampening my applicator brush.

CoverFx has now come out with Natural FX Water Based Foundation which allows for a more sheer coverage with only the tiniest amount. Its much easier to apply and once the foundation is warmed between your finger tips it can be applied onto your face with your fingers. With this product a little goes a long way and they're not kidding.

At the moment, I'm in love with the CoverFx Brightening Foundation Primer SPF50, I add this products before I apply my foundation and I add a little product after I apply my foundation at the top of my cheekbones and my temples. The glow is amazing and it has SPF50!! Have a look at the picture with the product on my hand. The range of foundation shades are great, but my only advice is try on the shade before you buy it.

Let me know if you've tried this, how you use it and are you a fan? Thanks for stopping by.....Nadia

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vintage Versace Inspired Look

I recently made the transition from working on an airplane to working with management for one year. I'm excited about this new opportunity because it will provide new challenges in my work environment. My husband invited me for a celebratory dinner at a nice restaurant that had a gorgeous outside patio. We felt like we were in Europe, it was very similar to being at a beer garden in Mainz, Germany. We had a lovely time.

I had a craving for a bold print that evening. This top has a boat neck and big triangular bat sleeves. The print reminds me so much of early 90's Gianni Versace. The necklace is a touch gaudy and it suited the look, it was purchased at a secondhand store. Something about this necklace reminds me of art deco.

I kept my makeup in the brown and beige tones including my lips which are glossed in MAC's Boy Bait Dazzleglass. Since recently returning from our beach vacation I'm about as tanned as I would ever get. I prefer myself pale as I find its sometimes difficult to play with makeup when you are sporting a tan. The hair....well, the hair is puffy and big and lends itself to the overall look. When it comes to summer frizz I've just learned to make do with what I have. I'm glad big hair is coming back in vogue.

Thanks for stopping by, your continued support and comments are always appreciated. xxNadia

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glowing Skin: Gold & Neutrals Photo of the Day

I was in the mood for what I call a sunny makeup look. Considering the weather has been hit or miss I needed to look and feel like it was summer. Typically, I like to remain pale and I slather myself with spf 60 religiously and in the winter I wear spf 30 or spf 50 every day. Today, I looked in the mirror and felt like seeing some bronze, gold and brown. This look is actually a neutral look with a twist of sheen and a pinch of shimmer.

The one thing that I want to mention is that when I choose to sport a glow a la Carrie, in Sex In the City, I choose to do it with liquid highlighter as opposed to powder. Liquid is much more forgiving and it can be applied in various ways to get the look that you want, for example, a damp sponge spritzed with MAC's Fix+ or rosewater or your fingertips. In contrast, powdered shimmer/shine is a little less forgiving. With liquid highlighters you can still apply it over bumps, wrinkles, crow's feet. Powders will settle into any crevice and show off any bump or acne pock mark you want to camouflage. Its best to apply powdered highlighters with a light hand and a bit at a time. If you can get your hands on No7 Radiant Glow Beauty Lotion buy it, I am loving this product. I have used it often over the last 2 years and will definitely repurchase. It is my go to product for bridal work when I want a luminous look. Brides and mother's of the brides go gaga over this product when they see the effects.

I just started using the Faux Cil Mascara from YSL and I have to say so far I'm pleased. I'm waiting to see if it dries out as quickly as Chanel's Inimitable mascara. For the price that is being paid for these mascaras the least they could do is come up with a formulation that does not dry out in less that three weeks! I was not impressed with Inimitable Mascara to say the least.

What's on my face:


Clinique Perfectly Real Foundation in N08 and then No7's Radiant Glow Beauty Lotion (I give this product 5 STARS) and Select Moisturecover concealer under the eye area and on my chin applied with a 224 brush.

Cheeks: Light contour with MAC's Blunt Blush and then MAC's MSF in Sunny Disposition and on apples of cheeks MAC's Springsheen Sheertone Blush

Eyes: Prestige eyeshadow in C-179 Golden Retriever all over lid and MAC's Blush in Blunt as my midtone crease color with Mystery eyeshadow in the outer corner. Bourjoise eyeshadow in 08 Rose Beige (another must have) in the inner eye corner. Lined my lower waterline with MAC's Brownborder and used MAC's Spite eyebrow pencil used to fill in my non-existent brows

Lips: Revlon Matte Lipstick 001 Nude Attitude with MAC's Lipglass in Lychee Luxe overtop

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rocker Mom: Embracing My Many Alter Egos

Here is my take on rocker mom. Its not my everyday look, but it is a look that I enjoy sporting once in a while. Sometimes I get bored being just plain old mom. Inside all of us we have a silent partner, an alter ego that itches to be set free. I confess I have many. This is not surprising at all for those who know me and its pretty typical of most Geminis. I sported this look for date night with hubby this evening who took one look at me and gave me that certain smile that made me throw my head back and laugh and made me forget that I own a diaper bag. I paired this top with a pair of jeans, patent leather and cork wedge heels from Betseyville, silver jewelry, a black wooden bangle and my cuff watch. When I wear my hair straight I often get inspired to sport an edgier look.

On my face:

Foundation: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and NW20 Select Cover Concealer

Cheeks: No7 Bronzer in Medium on cheekbones and some contour, MAC Tenerling Sheertone blush on apples of cheeks

Eyes: Annabelle Blue Kohl Liner and MAC Paint Pot in Delft all over lid (amazing blue colour btw). MAC Kid eyeshadow in crease. No highlight color on brow and L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara in Black

Lips: A hint of MAC's New York Apple lipstick blotted with tissue.

Thanks for stopping by. xxNadia

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Look of the Day: Falsies & Frizz

Later on this afternoon we're headed to a BBQ for Canada Day. The weather is confused because its raining one minute then the sun is out the next. My hair of course, is having a bad reaction to the weather and its deciding to frizz like crazy. I've managed to tame it a little and pull it into a side ponytail. I'm realizing that in summer time there is no point fighting with frizz but rather work with it. Its a good thing that I've discovered Moroccan Oil and I'm thrilled that big, unruly hair is in vogue this year, this means I'll fit right in.

I've decided to wear half lashes for my look today and I wanted to keep the focus on my eyes and cheeks. I often wear half lashes during the day because it gives you the effect you want but doesn't look ridiculous. In case you're wondering I'm wearing a boat neck Versace inspired top that I got as a gift recently from my sister who brought it back from Miami. The necklace is from Tiffany's and its part of the Elsa Peretti collection. Her and Frank Gehry are my favorite designers at Tiffany's. This is one of four pieces I received from Tiffany's this year for my birthday. The earrings I picked up on one of my travels, they are sterling silver and I wear them often. I don't remember where I got them from.

What's on face:

Foundation: Natural FX by Cover FX, Water Based Foundation in shade M40 and MAC's Blot Powder in Medium on the t-zone area.

Concealer: MAC Moistureblend Concealer in NW20

Blush: MAC Lilicent Cream Blush applied lightly on cheek area and Jane Be Pure Mineral Blush in 01 Soft Mink applied to the apples of the cheek only

Eyes: MAC Painterly Paint Pot all over lid area, MAC Amazon Eyes Quad (ltd) edition. Basically I used the peach/pink Colour outer third and then brown color in the outer crease area. I used the lighted color as brow bone highlighter and on my cupids bow. Ardell False Lashes #301 in Black (half lashes). Eyebrows are filled in with MAC's Brow Pencil in Lingering

Lips: Lined lightly with MAC's Brow Pencil in Lingering & Beurre Cremestick Lipliner and dabbed on with my fingertips Annabelle Le Gloss in Nectar Lust.

Thanks for stopping by. I read and appreciate all the comments that you leave me. Thank you and I hope you're having a nice summer. xxNadia

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Looking Fab While Flying Part 1: Some of My Favourite Products

Its been ages since I posted my last blog. My apologies. I have been experiencing a touch of writer's block and the warmer weather has not helped either. My little munchkins think that not only am I mommy extraordinaire but that I am also a master bubble blower. They can never get enough of blowing bubbles and trying to catch them. I think my summer will consist of flying overseas, gardening, enjoying our new deck and blowing bubbles with the kids until I pass out.

Speaking of flying overseas. Were you aware that the inside of a pressurized aircraft is dryer than the desert? Unfortunately for our skin, its true. The reason for this is because it prevents aircrafts from rusting, the answer is as basic as that. Humidity rusts metal. Apparently, there's a new aircraft, the Boeing 787 which will be build with different components that are not metal, allowing the cabin air quality to be just a moist as the air off of the aircraft. I can't wait.

Over the years I've learned which products help me combat dryness and give me that fresh faced look after a 15 hour day. I may be exhausted, but I try not to look it. Most of these tips that I'm sharing I have stumbled upon because I'm a product junkie and I like to experiment and some I've picked up from colleagues.

Vitamin E Face Mist This product is excellent because the nozzle sprays a very fine mist which distributes the perfect amount of product and the scent is very subtle. After using this on my face, neck and arms, my skin feels instantly refreshed. I've been using this for about 7 years now and what prompted me to buy this was that I was told by a Body Shop associate that this is a staple with British Airway Flight Attendants.

Bonne Bell Lipsmacker, Dr Pepper This product I've been using since I was a teenager and its always in my purse. Actually I probably own about 4 of them and I keep them in various purses and pockets so that I'm never without it. It tingles, it tastes sooo good and it leaves a nice rosy tint in your lips. This is one of my stuck-on-a-desert-island products. In an emergency this is great as a subtle wash of colour on your cheeks.

Dr. Hauschka Lipbalm What can I say about this product, its amazing. Its certainly not cheap ($15) but it works and as a bonus it can double as an eye cream and a cuticle conditioner.

Fruits & Passions Cucina Hand Butter in Coriander and Olive Tree An excellent and luxurious hand lotion that sinks right into your skin without leaving your fingers slippery. The scent is to die for.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream This is more like a salve than a cream. It has multiple uses and can be applied as a face cream which is what I do when I'm traveling as a passenger for a long time, as topical ointment for dry spots or healing cuts, a lipbalm and an eye cream. A little goes a long way and when this product is wiped away and your makeup is reapplied just before landing you will look like you've had a facial. I've even used this as an ointment to treat diaper rash and minor burns. If you're in a pinch and need to tame flyaways or frizz, this product will do the trick. Can't say enough about this, its always in my flight satchel.

Visine Pure Tears for Dry Eyes Even your eyeballs get dry and irritated on an aircraft. This product is great for treating dry eyes and keepss your peepers looking bright and awake.

I hope these products help you combat dryness when you're traveling this summer. Fly safe.

I wanted to thank Gail for giving me the nudge that I needed. Thank you. If you haven't checked Gail out please do so because you won't regret it. Her YouTube channel is called ooglegail and her amazing blog is

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Flying the Skies

Many of you have requested I post a look of how I wear my hair and do my makeup for work. If you don't already know I am a Flight Attendant with a large national airline in Canada. We have strict guidelines for our appearance. Many of us stray a little to the left or a little to the right when it comes to bending the rules of how we can wear our hair or uniform components but it can't be that noticeable......or else! I keep my makeup clean and simple, I call it bridal makeup because its what I would do for my clients on their wedding day. Basically, I apply a clean and fresh look. I quite often layer my makeup in order for it to last a 15 hour day sometimes. There are many, many, many times that I apply my makeup at 3am and I'm still half asleep but you'd never know! Thank God for concealer, eyebrow pencils and mascara!
I usually powder my t-zone about 4 hrs into my work day. In general, I try not to touch my face too much and at work I am even more paranoid about doing that especially because I interact with the public constantly, in addition to handling aircraft carriers, trolleys, ticket stubs and money. Blot powder, lipstick, gloss and Fix+ and hand cream are in my purse at all times. I reach for MAC's Fix+, organic rosewater, or The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Spray to keep my skin hydrated and looking refreshed. This is on top of drinking at least a litre of water for every hour and a half of flying.

My hair is usually tied up with what I called a humped-styled ponytail and sometimes I wear it down with the sides pulled back and secured with a small clip and the crown has the usual hump happening. I am so used to having a bit of height at the crown it seems to me that if I don't wear it I feel weird and very flat. Its one of my quirks.

In the pictures I've posted I am sporting two different scarves, the darker blue scarf identifies me as the head crew member or what they call a Service Director (the next person in the chain of command after the First Officer) and the other lighter blue scarf was just released yesterday for the launch of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. The other Flight Attendants wear a red and black patterned scarf. I am wearing a dress and blazer in the pic but we have a choice to wear a skirt with a light blue dress shirt with/without a cute navy cardigan and you can pair it with navy blue flat front pants. The uniform is not bad, I've seen better and I've seen worse. I don't care how nice a uniform looks because after day four on the road it feels like its part of your skin and it won't come off!

I'll try to be more detailed about the exact makeup colors I use for work in another post and what tips and tricks I use in order to make my makeup last all day without creasing or fading. If you have any specific question I'll try and answer them for you as best I can.

We're in the middle of major house renovations and each corner I take a pic in its either bare and patchy or crammed with stuff. Please bear with my pic backgrounds. Thanks for stopping by. xxNadia

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MAC's Strobe Liquid Lotion, L'Oreal Infallible Foundation & Bright Blue Liner

As always I am on the quest to find a way to simulate soft, subtle and perfect looking skin. I'm infatuated with that slightly dewy looking skin that most 11 year olds possess. My time for naturally dewy skin has come and gone but I do not fret, instead I just fake it. I'm always experimenting with various foundations mixed together or altered with mixing mediums. The majority of my foundations are from one of the Estee Lauder umbrella companies such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, just to name a few. I admit I don't own a lot of drugstore foundations, in fact, I only own two: Revlon ColorStay and most recently I purchased L'Oreal Infallible Advanced Never Fail Makeup. What I've noticed since purchasing these two products is that drugstore brands have really changed their formulations for the better.

I decided to mix one pump of the L'Oreal Infallible foundation with one pump of my all time staple MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion. Strobe Lotion and Strobe Cream I am never without in my personal makeup stash and in my professional kit. Strobe Liquid is a girl's best friend because its buildable and can be mixed in with other products or it can be sheered down with MAC's Fix+ and then added to an airgun for airbrushing. I have used an empty spritz bottle and added equal amounts of Strobe Liquid and Fix+ and used it on my body for that night time sheen. Perfect for when you go out dancing and partying on those hot summer nights.

My goal is to have sheer coverage which makes my skin look dewy and fresh, but still be able to cover the areas that I want to hide. Have a look at my pics and you decide what the results are.

What's on my face:

Foundation: L'Oreal Infallible Foundation and Strobe Liquid Lotion

Conceraler: Used the L'Oreal foundation without mixing.

Cheeks: Contouring with Tenderling Sheertone Blush and Pinch'O'Peach on the apples of my cheeks

Eyes: Annabelle Cream Shadow in the palette Coffee Talk. I used darkest color on eyelids
MAC Pigment in Copperclast on top of cream shadow and in the crease.
Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Liner in 240 Acqua Sparke & Waterline is Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Liner in 061 Jet Black
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black

Lips: MAC's Lipliner in Stone, Pinch'O'Peach Blush tapped onto lips and MAC's Plushglass gloss in Pretty Plush (another staple)

Your comments are always read and very much appreciated. Thank you to all my followers for your continued encouragement and well wishes, your comments really do mean a lot. Thanks for stopping by. xx

Monday, May 25, 2009

Startin To Feel Like Summer: Photo of the Day

Ttoday I felt like wearing something colorful and I was feeling lazy and wasn't in the mood for the full face effect.  This is what I came up with.

Today I felt like putting something colorful on and I didn't feel like heavy makeup so this is the look I came up with. Summer gets me excited because it reminds me of easy makeup and loads of accessories and lots of wonderful colors. I often refer to them as vacation colors such as corals, lush greens like palm trees and rich browns like the bark on a tree and blues with hits of turquoise in it just like the beaches in Sardinia. Oh, and I better not forget the color purple which reminds me of the thousands of dendrobium orchids all along the roadside which I remember vividly from when I vacationed on Hawaii.

If you haven't already guessed I am a very visual and tactile person and because of this summer for me is an explosion of sight and smells that keep me going through the long, bleak and dreary winter months. When I see the sun and feel the warm breeze on my skin I can't help but be in a good mood and walk around with a half smile. In Canada our summer season is short lived and we make the best of it.

On the face:

MAC spf 50

MAC Oil Free Face & Body Foundation

MAC Springsheen Sheertone Blush

Brown liner and mascara with Malt eyeshadow in the crease and Espresso brown in outer corner mixed with Blackberry shadow.

MAC Fluidline in black in my waterline

Lingering Eyebrow pencil on my eyebrows (which are almost non-existant)

Dior Lip Glow with a clear gloss on top

Hope you are all having a sunny day. Thanks for stopping by. xx

Monday, May 18, 2009

MAC Style Warriors

Last week I went to a MAC store and attended the Style Warriors Event which was by invitation only. They had yummy canapes, wonderful green tea and mint mojitos and of course new makeup for us to oogle over. I promised myself I wasn't going to go nuts and buy everything in site just because it was available to me. I bought the colors that I myself will use and that I think my brides are going to love and also what I would use for photo shoots. They had bronzers and shadows and liquid face highlighter and so on. Sometimes ladies the permanent colors are just repackaged so I made sure that I bought some different things. The most impressive and eye catching items for me were the Lustre Drops. The minute I saw them in preview pictures and I was itching to get my hands on those. I'm going to have fun with them this summer.

This is what I got:

The lipsticks: Brave New Bronze (satin) to the left of pic & Sunsational (lustre) to the right

Blush: On A Mission Beauty Powder Blush (mauve/pink color) I'm sure I have a dupe of this color.

Eyeshadows: Soft Force (veluxe pearl) to the left & Bright Future (veluxe pearl) to the right

Lustre Drops: Pink Rebel to the left & Sun Rush to the right.

Thanks for stopping by. xx