Thursday, February 25, 2010

Boldly Bare Lips From MAC's Too Fabulous Collection

After Sunday's Toronto Beauty Blogger Meetup most of us took a stroll to the MAC's Pro Store on Queen Street.  After selecting a handful of items that I needed restocking, I added a couple of things from MAC Cosmetics' up and coming collection Too Fabulous.  A fellow blogger Delia showed me what she bought and I was complaining that Spice lipliner is too orangy on me and I wanted a neutral liner with a slightly more pink undertone.  Delia then pulls out of her bag a lipliner appropriately named Boldly Bare.  After swatching this on my hand I had to have it.

This lipliner from MAC is a beautiful neutral light brown-pink shade with no orange undertone.  I've included pics of of yours truly wearing this liner as a lipstick.  This color can definitely be worn alone as I did in the first pic or with a swipe of gloss overtop as I'm wearing in the second picture.  Its unfortunate the pics I've taken were not the best, but the color is still awesome!  Just a rule of thumb, if you're going to wear a lipliner all over your lips, please, please ensure that your lips are properly exfoliated and hydrated.  Just like a matte foundation lipliners/lipsticks with a matte finish are unforgiving and will enhance every indentation, wrinkle or dry spot.  A lipbalm applied over your lips then dabbed with a tissue is a good idea when wearing dry matte liners on your lips.

I've noticed my buddy Michelle from Lipstick Rules has posted her pics sporting the same liner.  Her pics are clearer.  Check out her blog.

I have just one regret.........that I didn't buy two of them.  That's next on my list.  Thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Toronto Beauty Blogger Meet Up

What a day on Sunday, the vibe was so incredible at the first Toronto Beauty Blogger meetup.  We had so many fellow beauty bloggers congregate at this event.  We celebrated with a yummy brunch and lots of great conversation.  What stuck out in my mind were all the gorgeous smiles from all the ladies, we had perma smiles.  When I walked into the restaurant I was thinking to myself, why aren't I nervous?  Its weird to explain, but I wasn't feeling nervous at all because I felt like I knew the majority of these beautiful ladies already.

The swag bag was brimming with products donated by Marcelle & Annabelle, Mary Kay, Biore, Balmshell Cosmetics, Vasanti, Cargo Cosmetics, Face Atelier, The Body Shop, Magique Kiss,
Revolution Organics, not to mention the giveaways from CoverFX, Nawaz Pirani, 3Shahs,
Jennifer Squires Productions, SleepyMoon Designs,  DaLish Cosmetics, Devon Consulting and Age Comfort

In honor of our first meetup I decided to get very girly and very delicious cupcakes decorated with a makeup theme and all wrapped in their own individual boxes.  I got them from a great place
We Bake In Heels......delicious!

Overall, the event was a hit and I wanted to thank Farah from Faces By Farah for organizing it.  Another big thank you to all my fellow bloggers who attended.  Please check out their blogs:

I'm anxious to give my goodies a try and I'll keep you all posted on what I think.  Thank you to all the attendees for making this event so much fun!

Thanks for stopping by.