Saturday, March 7, 2009

IPL Laser - Photorejuvination Day 2&3

This is what my face looked like on day two(top) and day three post laser. My skin doesn't burn but I feels itchy on some spots and my skin is slightly warm and still visibly swollen.  My doctor gave me a cream called Lyderm to apply, its cortisone based. I applied an gel eye mask every 15 mins and it really did help with the swelling, wish I had known that on my 4th session.  I know, I know, the photo is pretty frightening.  I look like I took on a heavy weight boxing champ and lost!  

I included another pic to show how it can be covered up with makeup pretty easily. I am actually wearing one pump of Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation with no concealer.  You can still see the brown spots but it you are still able to leave the house if the need be and not cause people to run off the road with their cars if they glance over at you. My son asks me why I have a dirty face.

I'm impressed with myself that I would even think of posting a picture like this.  I don't leave the house without makeup let alone posting for all to see.  I'm hoping these pics will help someone who is thinking about getting laser done on their face but wasn't sure what the effects were.  I'll post more pics as the healing process continues.


Sarah said...

Wow you are gorgeous, even after a "boxing match"! I just came across your blog and I really enjoyed reading it! Take Care : )

Trucco said...

Thanks Sarah, your are too kind!

Sonya K. said...

Nadia, what was the laser for? I think you are a very beautiful, and more power to you for being confident enough to post those pictures.

LoveLipstickandLime said...

Hi Sonya, thank you, you're very sweet!. I devoloped melasma during both pregnancies which caused large patches of brown spots to devolop over my face mostly on forehead and chin, plus I have mild rosacea on cheeks. No one could see these brown patches but me and I was extremely self conscious of them. Thanks for asking.

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