Wednesday, April 8, 2009

St. Tropez Bronzer Haul

I've been noticing many reviews on YouTube for the St. Tropez Bronzer. Myself, I'm not a self-tanner kind of girl because I always felt like I looked blotchy and dirty with a hint of an orangy glow. When I see myself tanned I feel like my face looks older and I'm not very good at applying it. If you saw my ankles after I self tan you would think I lived in the woods and never bathed, not pretty. However I have been noticing on others that the St. Tropez Bronzer has a more natural brown shade to it, almost like Benefits Hoola Bronzer when its applied to the cheeks. In Canada I couldn't locate a tanning salon or beauty supplier to purchase this product in person so I turned to my trusty old friend I love this site. Not only because they are a Canadian company from Vancouver but because they are damn good at dealing with customers and they have a long list of beauty products available for purchase. I only order a few times a year but when I do I order my share of products.....enough said.

My St Tropez haul Includes the body self tanners in different sizes which does about 4 full body applications, the bronzing mousse which dries in 60 seconds and the body polisher which is recommended before applying the bronzer. I also bought the body moisturizer and the stain remover specifically formulated to remove any stains on the palms of your hands or under your feet or wherever else you goofed. I ended up getting the stain remover in travel size towelettes and the travel size bronzing set in case I'm on vacation and need to fake it a little longer. I wear spf 60 and a big hat when I'm out in the sun so I'm going to need to fake it for sure. I'm fighting aging skin with all I've got!!! I've heard from others that wearing gloves is a good application tip. The products is a mud color so there is no guessing if you missed a spot during the application process.

Essential Day Spa ships worldwide and I know for a fact from their online beauty forums which has every review of every product you can think of that this site is popular with the ladies from the UK and Australia. Shipping is fast and they always include generous samples and they are in constant communication with you via email so, even if a product is on backorder you know about it right away. I am very please with this company and I would recommend Essential Day Spa to anyone.

For YouTube reviews on the St. Tropez Bronzer check out sweet Sarah's channel @ sardun1 and the talented Kandee and Lisasz09

I will be posting pictures on my blog and writing a personal review very soon of my adventures in self-tanning with the St. Tropez Bronzer.......stay tuned!


Anna said...

"look like I live in the woods..." Ha ha ha!!! I can so relate!! I'm awful at applying fake tan too :( But I hate being so white because I know that I'm supposed to be brown!! I was so brown when I was little and now I'm white :( And you just listed the 3 videos/channels that were my favourite reviews on it!! So funny! I can't wait for your review :) xoxo Anna

LoveLipstickandLime said...

@Anna, I would tan much easier as a child now I burn so I stay out of the sun. Thanks honey! xx N

lizz said...

I love ST Tropez and have tried countless others but without the good results. :D

Aleksis said...

I LOVE St. Tropez...worth every penny!

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