Wednesday, April 15, 2009

IPL 6 Weeks Post Laser Photos: Final Assessment

For those of you that are new to my blog you may or may not have noticed that I had IPL (Intense Pulse Light) or Photorejuvination Laser performed on my skin. I have had five IPL sessions with three microdermabrasion treatments in between laser appointments. I've documented the way my face looked right after treatments and I'm giving you my own honest and uncut version of the pros and cons of my journey. My initial reason for dishing out enough coin for these treatments was to remove the brown spots on my face which I got during both my pregnancies with my kids and to help reduce the redness and texture of the rosacea which afflicts my cheek area. So, here goes the final checkup six weeks after my fifth and final session of IPL.

This morning I had a detox facial done which I enjoyed very much until the very end when a disinfecting mask was applied onto my face and then it became a different story. I felt like my face was being held two inches away from a blazing fire and someone was spritzing alcohol on my skin at the same time! OMG!! In fact, its nine hours later and I'm still a little red from it. Nonetheless, I liked the results very much because my skin is smoooooth. That mask threw me for a loop. For a split second I had a vision of whipping the warm cozy blanket off of me, getting up off the bed smashing the speaker which chimed waterfalls and flutes and scream in the women's face, 'why the f-- didn't you warn me it would burn and sting this much?!'. Mind you, any warning still would not have prepared me for the stinging, burning sensation. I'm glad it was left on for only 3 minutes. I have a very high threshold for pain, but a little warning would have been nice.

In the same medical spa I went to see my dermatologist and we talked about the improvements to my skin and what needs to be done to the areas of my face where melasma or hyperpigmentation was still very apparent. I knew going into this that there was a possibility that some areas of my face would be resistant to IPL and other areas could get darker as a result of the laser treatments bringing them forth to the surface. Unfortunately, I've had both things happen. My first question to the Dr. was should I book for another laser session? and he responded, absolutely not. Apparently, an IPL session every 3-4 weeks over 5 months can be very rigorous on your skin and he wanted me to take a break. Truthfully, I was a little surprised and disappointed that he said to stop the laser. I'm a keener when it comes to doing what it takes to get the job done, especially when it comes to the skin on my face.

Instead, my dermatologist prescribed Hydroquinone which is a compound mixture of a bleaching agent and RetinA (prescription) which is why I cannot wear the cream during the day and you have to build a tolerance to it over 1-2 weeks or you become red like a pepper in those areas where applied. I'm hoping the cream will help lighten these spots until September rolls around and I can start IPL treatments again.

The two pics are of me today without any face makeup on except for eye makeup. Yes, if you are wondering I am aware of how spooky I look like without makeup and truthfully I am so proud of myself because six months ago you would not have caught me dead taking a picture of myself without makeup on. The benefits of maturing must be kicking in. The other picture is of me wearing makeup but, this time its not liquid foundation. Instead, its a mineral makeup from AfterGlow Cosmetics which is an organic mineral makeup and I am loving it very much. I am very new to wearing mineral makeup and I have always been hesitant to jump on the bandwagon because I have worn liquid foundation for as long as I an remember. When I did try mineral makeup I discovered that I have an immediate reaction to Bismuth which is a common ingredient and a common irritant in mineral makeup. Most mineral makeup brands include Bismuth. AfterGlow makeup is Bismuth free and stays put for a long time.

I will continue to keep you all posted on this journey of mine. Thanks for stopping by.


Sonya said...

Wow your skin looks great after the treatment. I wonder if that is why I hate Bare Escentuals. I feel like the minerals just sink into my fine lines, and the bismuth just weighs my face down. My best friend/child's Godmother just got hired as the laboratory coordinator at Everyday Minerals. She was telling me about bismuth. I hope the dark spot I have on my face fades away, and I don't have to get the IPL.

Wow Afterglow looks a lot more green than Bare Escentuals. Have you tried anything other than their foundation? Their eyeshadows look like a delight to the eyes.

LoveLipstickandLime said...

Hi, I'm sure your dark spots will fade. I am sun sensitive, I burn easily so my skin was susceptible to it, most likely. Don't worry you won't have to get IPL at least for another 10yrs!! I've tried the afterglow blush and finishing veil. I am very happy and surprised at how good this product is. My face does not itch one bit. I couldn't take the other products, i wanted to rip my face off for how itchy it was. xxNadia

Elizabeth said...

I love you so much your so brave :) and you look amazing!!
Ive been road testing bare escentuals mineral powder instead of fluid this past wk and have been surprised how much coverage you can get.

It sits a bit better over my oily parts where a fluid would tend to slide after a few hrs.
But saying that I have reverted to Chanel pro lumiere today because still with a bad throat the illusion of chanel pampering my skin might help somehow lol

LoveLipstickandLime said...

@Elizabeth...Thank you, I love u too darling xxNadia

ASourSkittle said... look amazing! if that's you without makeup then your skin def looks better than my 20 yr old skin without makeup.

LoveLipstickandLime said...

@ASourSkittle, You are far too kind, lol. Thanks honey. xxNadia

pastel19 said...

I agree with ASourSkittle..your skin looks fab! :)

LoveLipstickandLime said...

@pastel19, Thank you very much!! xxNadia

Anna said...

You look so beautiful Nadia!! Both with and without makeup! And your skin looks great...I am not very educated in terms of skincare but this definitely seems to be working for you! xoxo Anna

Princess~Sparkles said...

You look gorgeous hon simply stunning & you look soo young which is such a compliment :) I wish i had skin like yours mine is such a mess with acne :( x

LoveLipstickandLime said...

@Princess-Sparkles, You are too kind, I have had bad bouts of acne too, especially around chin and jaw area until I found some products that work and got on a routine. The breakouts seem to have subsided. xxNadia

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