Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Annabelle, I Love You: Annabelle Cosmetics Review

Annabelle, you're always there, you're always trying, you're always priced just right and you give kickass results when called upon!  Thank you so very much  for sending me these products to try.  You left me speechless and I'll tell you why.  I never do well with mineral makeup, primarily because I react to the Bismuth Oxychloride (a common allergen) which is a staple in most mineral based cosmetics and I am an 80's child so I am used to liquid foundations and pressed makeup.  So, I applied your mineral foundation with a healthy dose of skepticism thinking the burning and itching feeling is going to start in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1........and nothing.   I WAS WRONG!  Its gorgeous, it covers and best of all it doensn't burn my face which means the chemists at Annabelle have figured out the right amount of Bismuth Oxychloride to add or detract from the product.

The lip plumping glosses are pigmented and glossy and the purple mineral shadow reminds me of those hot sexy summer nights at backyard tiki parties grooving to some tunes.  I like them very much and I thank you for making me a fan of your mineral foundation, bronzer, blush, shadows and lippies!  Excellent value for the price.

Bravo and merci beaucoup!!!!

On my face: Annabelle Mineral Foundation in Barely Beige, Annabelle Mineral Blush in Hush, Annabelle Mineral Bronzer in Terra, Annabelle Mineral Eyeshadow in Violet Vibe and lined eyes with Smudge Liner in Rich Chocolate, Annabelle Volume Lip in Iced Spice and Cherryoke.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ardell Duralash Naturals: Individual False Lashes & Photo of the Day

Today, I was in the mood for a very full lash, but I didn't want to overload my eyelashes with mascara.  I applied individual, short black lashes to my upper lashes only.  It definitely gives the appearance that your top lashes are full without applying coat after coat of mascara.  My goal was fullness as opposed to super long lashes.  Mind you, my own natural lashes are nothing to write home about.  I cannot live without mascara.

When working with clients I prefer using individual lashes because you can focus on specific areas of the lashline and can fix or fill in areas of the eye where the lashes are sparse.  Mature clients look beautiful with a bit of individual lashes and I find that brown lashes look very natural.  Curl your lashes before hand and add one coat of defining mascara prior to application and then use your spooley to make sure there are no clumps in your natural lashes.  If desired, you can add another coat of mascara at the base: take your want and place at the base of your lashes and rock the wand back and forth.

Please ensure when purchasing individual lashes that they are knot-free and they flare.  I prefer a short length.  I may put medium length lashes at the outer corners but I find that short lenght does the trick.  In the above pics, I have 4 individual lash flares on each eye.

The brand I typically get is Ardell DuraLash Naturals because they are naturally curled, waterproof and feel very comfortable to wear.  I truly forget that I'm wearing false lashes.  If you are using individual lashes for the first time and aren't sure which length suits your taste, I would suggest buying a combo pack which includes long, medium and short flared lashes.  A box of lashes is under $6.00.

These lashes are perfect for first dates and even for the office. You first need to get the hang of applying them and once you do, its a piece of cake.  I would strongly recommend surgical adhesive glue because it makes lashes stay put. There is nothing worse than lashes that become unhinged when you are sitting next to someone and having a conversation.  The brand I use is Duo Adhesive .  I purchase this at MAC stores, however, there are other retailers that carry this product.  A tube of Duo Adhesive will last you a long while.

**Its important to note that waiting until the adhesive is tacky is the best way to apply lashes because they adhere to your lashes and/or lashline very quickly and don't wiggle around.  Have fun!!

On the rest of my face

Foundation: 1/2 Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer & 1/2 Chanel Pro Lumiere #20
Blush:  Benefit Coralista
Eyes:  Layin Low Paint Pot with Tan Pigment on eyelid and Malt in the crease and Annabelle Smudge Liner in Rich Chocolate.
Lips: Rimmel lipstick #600 in soft coral

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Marcelle HydraC Radiance 24H Hydrating Fluid Review

Among the attendees at the first Toronto Beauty Blogger Meetup was Isabel Picard, Director,  Public and Consumer Relations for Groupe Marcelle.  It was a pleasure to meet her and she flew in from Montreal to attend the event.   Marcelle and Annabelle are two of the lines under Groupe Marcelle
, based out of Montreal, Quebec.  These two drugstore brand cosmetic and skincare lines are available in Canada and have been around as far back as I can remember when I first ventured into the makeup section at my local Shoppers Drug Mart. They have a wide rage of products and provide excellent value for the price.  Isabel's company was more than kind to us when it came to giving us goodies to try from their lines.

Over the last month I have been trying out their products and will be posting reviews on what I think about them.  I will start with my review on the Marcelle Hydra-C ComplexE  24H Hydrating Fluid.   This moisturizer is made for all skin types and is enriched with vitamins C & E and is hypo-allergenic, perfume free and non-comedogenic which means it won't clog pores.

The texture and consistency is medium to light weight and absorbs quickly into the skin.  I never felt like I needed to apply more product after the initial absorption and my skin still felt okay throughout the day.  If you are looking for a more intense or emollient moisturizer then this may not for you, its more on the lighter side and perfect for the spring and summer months.

I find that one pump does my entire face and most of my neck area which indicates to me that a 50ml bottle will last about 2-3 months with daily use, twice a day.  Not bad for $22.50 Cdn.  I have to say that over the years I have noticed an positive growth in Marcelle's overall advertising, packaging and expansion of their product line.

It should be worth mentioning that I did not get paid and will not receive payment for reviewing any products from their line.  Merci Isabel!  I had the opportnity to speak with Isabel about life, work, and rabbits among other things :)  I think she's swell.

Please check out Isabel Picard on Twitter and on Blogger: and

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

CoverFX: Happy 10th Anniversary!

CoverFX has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.  Happy Birthday CoverFX!!  I was introduced to this line by my sister back in 2003 at Shoppers Drug Mart.  At the time I was suffering from a mild case of rosacea on my cheek and I could never find anything that would calm down that red which plagued my cheecks and not in a good way.  Since then the product line has grown and includes many exciting products which I carry in my personal and professional makeup kit.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend their anniversary party but Melissa Shum, the Cover FX Social Media and Marketing Coordinator in the Toronto area was kind enough to include the gift bag which all attendees received.  Let me tell you, the goodies were awesome and I am in love with The Big Cover Up.  After a long week of being by my sister's side at hospital that package that awaited me at my side door was a welcomed sight.  Thanks Melissa you made my week!!

 Typically, I switch between two types of foundations, Natural FX which is a water-based liquid foundation and Cover FX which is a total coverage cream foundation with SPF 30.  Frequently I mix both of these to get a foundation and concealer all-in-one-product.  I also like using the Cover FX Matte in medium for contouring my cheekbones, in addition to using it as a mid-tone eyeshadow colour.

What's awesome is CoverFX's latest launch, The Big Cover Up includes among other things a foundation/concealers and loose powder all in one container along with the perfect foundation brush.  Its going to be a must have in my makeup travel kit.

Professionally, I use this on clients and it photographs beautifully. The above two pics are of myself using the Natural FX on the left and photographed indoors under a skylight  and the other is a mixture of Cover FX total  coverage cream sheered out with a pea size amount of Brite Prep FX, a brightening foundation primer with a photo-aging defense of SPF 50!  Normally, I am not a fan of primers, its not my thing, but this primer I really, really like.  It has that slight irridescent glow which can be applied underneath your foundation or mixed in with your foundation and you can do what I do and dab the tiniest amount of Brite Prep FX between your ring fingers until is melts really well and dab on the high plains of the cheekbone after you have applied your foundation.  Another alternative I use to 'cut' the foundation and sheer it down is to use a couple of spritz of organic rosewater, works like a charm.

I have received many compliments when I wear this foundation.  Occassionally I have heard comments that CoverFX can be heavy looking, but I find that it all depends on how you prep your skin and how the product is applied.  Its a good idea to have a light hand when applying their foundations because a little product goes a long way and a well exfoliated and moisturized face will make all the difference in any makeup application.  I like to use clean fingers when applying the Natural FX foundation but I find that layering with a foundation or stippling brush gives the face a nice polished effect.

If you're wondering what shade I am wearing in the pics I am wearing series E40.  Typically, I teeter between the M and the E series.  Cover FX can be found in Canada at The Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Boldly Bare Lips From MAC's Too Fabulous Collection

After Sunday's Toronto Beauty Blogger Meetup most of us took a stroll to the MAC's Pro Store on Queen Street.  After selecting a handful of items that I needed restocking, I added a couple of things from MAC Cosmetics' up and coming collection Too Fabulous.  A fellow blogger Delia showed me what she bought and I was complaining that Spice lipliner is too orangy on me and I wanted a neutral liner with a slightly more pink undertone.  Delia then pulls out of her bag a lipliner appropriately named Boldly Bare.  After swatching this on my hand I had to have it.

This lipliner from MAC is a beautiful neutral light brown-pink shade with no orange undertone.  I've included pics of of yours truly wearing this liner as a lipstick.  This color can definitely be worn alone as I did in the first pic or with a swipe of gloss overtop as I'm wearing in the second picture.  Its unfortunate the pics I've taken were not the best, but the color is still awesome!  Just a rule of thumb, if you're going to wear a lipliner all over your lips, please, please ensure that your lips are properly exfoliated and hydrated.  Just like a matte foundation lipliners/lipsticks with a matte finish are unforgiving and will enhance every indentation, wrinkle or dry spot.  A lipbalm applied over your lips then dabbed with a tissue is a good idea when wearing dry matte liners on your lips.

I've noticed my buddy Michelle from Lipstick Rules has posted her pics sporting the same liner.  Her pics are clearer.  Check out her blog.

I have just one regret.........that I didn't buy two of them.  That's next on my list.  Thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Toronto Beauty Blogger Meet Up

What a day on Sunday, the vibe was so incredible at the first Toronto Beauty Blogger meetup.  We had so many fellow beauty bloggers congregate at this event.  We celebrated with a yummy brunch and lots of great conversation.  What stuck out in my mind were all the gorgeous smiles from all the ladies, we had perma smiles.  When I walked into the restaurant I was thinking to myself, why aren't I nervous?  Its weird to explain, but I wasn't feeling nervous at all because I felt like I knew the majority of these beautiful ladies already.

The swag bag was brimming with products donated by Marcelle & Annabelle, Mary Kay, Biore, Balmshell Cosmetics, Vasanti, Cargo Cosmetics, Face Atelier, The Body Shop, Magique Kiss,
Revolution Organics, not to mention the giveaways from CoverFX, Nawaz Pirani, 3Shahs,
Jennifer Squires Productions, SleepyMoon Designs,  DaLish Cosmetics, Devon Consulting and Age Comfort

In honor of our first meetup I decided to get very girly and very delicious cupcakes decorated with a makeup theme and all wrapped in their own individual boxes.  I got them from a great place
We Bake In Heels......delicious!

Overall, the event was a hit and I wanted to thank Farah from Faces By Farah for organizing it.  Another big thank you to all my fellow bloggers who attended.  Please check out their blogs:

I'm anxious to give my goodies a try and I'll keep you all posted on what I think.  Thank you to all the attendees for making this event so much fun!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chanel Teint Innocence Fluid Makeup Spf 12: Foundation Review

chanel teint innocence fluid make up

About a month ago I purchased the Chanel Teint Innocence Fluid Makeup Spf 12 in shade 20 Claire-Cameo and have been using it off and on.  For a 1 oz. bottle I paid about $50.00 Cdn.  I first discovered this product from one of my gal pals Michelle from MupNorth who sent me a surprise package in the mail which included a sample of this foundation.  I tried it and noticed the quality that of this makeup is great.  The Chanel Teint Innocence went on really smooth and blended easily. I find that in general Chanel foundations are beautifully formulated and glide effortessly onto a well exfoliated and moisturized face.  This foundation was no exception.

When it comes to Chanel products I have to admit that I consider myself a late bloomer.  I have tried Chanel skincare through samples that I have received over the years but never really made it a point of going to a Chanel makeup counter and making a purchase.  Last spring all that changed.  I have since purchased and fallen in love with several of their products which I use everyday.  I will leave that for another post.

Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation is described as a fluid that is naturally luminous with a dream coverage and an Spf12.  The description is correct, however I did find it to be a tad on the sheer side and it was a little more challenging to build up the coverage if more was needed in certain areas.  It also has a slight perfume scent to it.  When I apply this foundation I always apply a little more than I normally would in order to get the coverage that I prefer.  The tools that I use for application are my fingers and a slightly damp non-latex makeup wedge.  

I would recommend this foundation to anyone who wants a sheer, natural coverage.  I can definitely see myself using this foundation during the summer months when a light makeup look is what I want to achieve.  If you do use the Chanel Teint Innocence I would recommend setting it with a powder using a large fluffy makeup brush or with a dry makeup wedge pressing some translucent powder onto your face where you normally would get grimey first then brushing off the excess.  I've included a picture of myself wearing this foundation.

Have any of you used this foundation? What's your take on this foundation?  I always appreciate your comments and read each and every one of them.

Thanks for stopping by.  xxNadia

Chanel Teint Innocence can be purchased at for about $46.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Earrings I'm Loving and Look of the Day

Today was a lazy day, no kids, no hubby. Going out shopping with my friend and I wanted to wear my go to earring lately. My angel wings I got during my trip to the UK while visiting my beautiful, yummy, funny adorable friend Liz. Hope you are all having a good Sunday.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mini Bourgois Blush: A Little Gem!

While I was devouring the aisles in Boots when I was in the UK I came across Bourjois' Mini blushes. I love these things. they come in several shades. I chose 07 and 08. They're tiny, cute and very versatile. The packaging is adorable. I use it as a cream blush and a lipstick. Its a little on the dry side so I would recommend applying it after your cheeks are well moisturized. You can use your fingertips and it blends fairly well or you can use a synthetic foundation brush or a more dense face brush, for example, MAC 109 and you get a more sheer application.

On the lips the color is a touch on the frosty side but your lips get just the right amount of pop for that kissable lip look. In the pics below I'm wearing number 07 on my cheeks and my lips. I've chosen to pair it with a clear gloss to add some dimension and make my lips look a little more full. I skipped the lipliner. What a great little item to carry around in your pocket or add inside a Christmas card. For my fellow Canadians, this little gem is the size of toonie!

Unfortunately, this time my camera and lighting were not the greatest and the pigmentation is not really captured in the pictures.

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